Call for papers — nº 1 (2020) :  Literature and television: new narratives | Transmedial fictions

Call for papers — nº 1 (2020) : Literature and television: new narratives | Transmedial fictions

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The relationships between literature and television have been present since the birth of the television medium. As a public service, as entertainment or as a platform for narrative fiction, television has paid special attention to literature, whether in relation to information and literary training, to the adaptations of classics or as a narrative model of serial fiction.

The porosity between different media increased, however, in our days. The digital revolution expanded cultural products globally and massively, providing a great hybridization between the narratives of fiction. The artistic object goes through various media and forms, and even transforms itself from the experience with the consumer, creating, in turn, new transmedia products.

This phenomenon, taking into account the confluence of the cultural industries with the leisure industries and the new behaviours of the art market, has led to a widening of the cultural field, granting artistic autonomy to traditionally secondary or postponed products (video games, comics, audiovisual series…). This transformation led to epistemological changes in comparative studies, which transitioned from an intertextual to an intermedial nature. Television fiction is one of the new cult products with the greatest impact on consumers, critics and academic theory. The series’ great complexity and narrative/film quality characterize this Golden Age of television.

The digital revolution and Video on Demand (VOD) platforms, as well as streaming services have enabled the global expansion of television series, ensuring economic viability and, consequently, the reinforcement of the artistic quality of fiction and serial narratives, in which there are important intermedial appropriations of literary text.

This n.º 1 issue of the 2i Journal intends, therefore, to carry out a critical and theoretical review on the new narratives, television and literary, and the relations between both, the forms of production, dissemination and consumption, the contribution of literature to the achievement of cultural autonomy of television fiction or the conditions for strengthening the professionalization of creators, given the economic potential of the leisure industry.


Main topics covered in this issue of the journal

  • Adaptations of literary classics in television fiction
  • Intermedial narratives between the literary text and the audiovisual product: multimediality, remediation, transmediality
  • The TV script as a literary product
  • Myths and figures of fiction in both media
  • Contribution of the television industry to the professionalization of the creator (scriptwriter, writer, playwright)
  • Literary information and training on television
  • Transmedial fictional universes: literature, television, cinema, video games…
  • New transmedial literacy: school, public television, libraries…