4th Virtual Lab: Scans, Databases, and Apps: Teaching the Nineteenth Century in the Digital Era.

Lunes 19 de febrero de 2024 | 8: 00 a.m hora de Colombia


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The Centre for Nineteenth Century International

4th Virtual Lab
Scans, Databases, and Apps: Teaching the Nineteenth Century in the Digital Era.

The Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies International (CNCSI), (which developed from the Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies founded in 2013 by Professor Bennett Zon at the University of Durham), gathers a consortium of universities, independent research organisations, and professional societies from around the world interested in long-nineteenth-century studies. This innovative network aims to promote international collaboration, advance interdisciplinary studies involving the widest possible geographical and thematic reach, and host conversations on long nineteenth-century studies. As CNCSI keeps expanding its activities and outreach, we now plan on creating a virtual laboratory to start such informal conversations. Each session of our lab will therefore foreground the work of a high-profile guest scholar, who will be invited to present his/ her research interests, and teaching methods.

The main aim of this Virtual Lab is to create a space where invited academics may share theoretical and practical information, confront methodologies, as well as teaching and research practices. This dynamic conversation may also provide fellow colleagues and researchers with a more comprehensive overview of existing approaches to our teaching methods and research interests, and, possibly, further innovative projects and exchanges across disciplines.


Professor Kit Belgum, Associate Professor, Department of Germanic Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Professor Vance Byrd, Presidential Associate Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Department of Francophone, Italian, and Germanic Studies  University of Pennsylvania