Maestría en Patrimonio Cultural

Rondy Torres

Vicedecano de Investigación y Creación - Profesor Asociado - Profesor representante de la Maestría en Música.

Musicólogo. Armonía, Morfología, Musicología, Historia de la música del siglo XIX, Historia de la música en Colombia

Verónica Uribe

Associate Professor

19th-Century Latin American Art, travel and materialty; History of sketchbooks; History of landscape painting; and scientific explorations of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Alexander Herrera

Associate Professor

My research addresses landscapes and material culture from a long-term perspective that draws upon ethnohistory and ethnography, integrated with environmental and historical data. I focus on social interaction across the Andes, from the Pacific to Amazonia, to study how economic and political interaction shapes identity politics. I also study ritual musical practices and soundscapes, as linkages between mortuary and sacred landscapes and water management systems. The application of indigenous traditions of water harvesting in rural development and climate change adaptation is a line of cooperative research with local partners in the highlands of Peru.

Olga Acosta

Associate Professor

Associate Professor of South American colonial art. PhD in Art History, TU Dresden; Graphic Designer and Master in History, UNAL Colombia.

Patricia Zalamea

Associate Professor

Associate Professor in the Department of Art History and was dean of the School of Arts and Humanities (2015-2021)